Bees Need Protection. 
This is it.

ProtectaBEE simplifies beekeeping with an adjustable entrance that keeps out wasps, hornets, mice, and other predators.

The world's first all-in-one adjustable hive entrance, it can also be used to deliver treatments to protect your bees from varroa mites, AFB, and pesticide poisoning.

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Easier Beekeeping with All-In-One
Adjustable Hive Entrance

Simple Protection

Wasps, bees from other hives, and even skunks are a threat to hives. 

The cone inserts maximize bee movement while providing a physical barrier from predators.

Graphic no wasps, bees, skunks

Bees Do the Work for You

Bees Do the Work for You

Bee vectoring, which means bees carrying "something," is the secret ingredient to our Protectabee system. Bee vectoring with fungal powders is used by farmers to protect crops from pests and disease.

The ProtectaBEE allows bees to carry powders INTO the hive to improve health and simplify beekeeping.

Our patent-pending design ensures that the bees transfer the powders throughout the hive at the right concentration while minimizing loss to the external environment.

4 Easy Steps to Add Treatments & Supplements to Your Hives

Easy, Bee-Friendly & 
Less Back Pain

Add treatments and supplements to keep your bees safe from pests, such as Varroa mites, and diseases, like American Foulbrood.

Avoid lifting heavy honey boxes, squishing bees, and stings while keeping the bees healthy.

Compatible with Most Hive Types

Online Support

Beekeeping just got a lot easier with our online mentoring system.

  • E-mail/text reminders specific for your region
  • Online beekeeping mentorship
  • Beekeeping library 
  • ​Step-by-step directions 
  • ​Up-to-date information

Different Inserts Offer Flexibility

Scientists and Beekeepers Working Together

In 2020 Best for Bees joined forces with the premiere honeybee research institute in the world, the University of Guelph, to develop a product that would make it easier for beekeepers to improve hive health. 

After 2 years of field testing, trials with 18 beekeepers, and successful experiments we are finally bringing the ProtectaBEE to beekeepers for the 2022 beekeeping season.

Beekeepers Are Buzzing About ProtectaBEE

"I honestly think that the ProtectaBEE is going to change the beekeeping industry."

Mike Barber
Commercial beekeeper

"The fact that the ProtectaBEE is backed by science gives us the confidence that we're giving the best quality and best types of products to the bees to make them better and healthier overall."

Melanie Nobre
Hobby beekeeper

"This makes an excellent entrance reducer. I think it’s way better than using a stick of wood"

Bruce Richardson
Small-scale beekeeper

"ProtectaBEE is the ultimate entrance control device. Say bye bye to mouse guards, relocation and robbing screens, entrance reducers and finicky treatment application tools."

Stephen Gammage
Hobby beekeeper
"The ProtectaBEE will be a huge time saver, we could go through 24 hives in 20 minutes as opposed to a few hours when needing to manually open the hives."

Brad Norris
Commercial beekeeper
"Beyond providing the right medication at the right time, the wisdom that comes along with that service is really going to help the beekeeping industry, certainly starting with the hobby beekeepers."
Dr. Greg Hawkins

Veterinarian and commercial beekeeper

“I find it already helps with the skunk problem that I have.” 

Richard Ince
Commercial Beekeeper

"I think the ProtectaBEE is "bleep"ing amazing. I'm over the moon about it."

Brian Brown
Hobby beekeeper

We're LIVE on Indiegogo! Get an exclusive discount NOW! 

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